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tinplate coils for metal packing tinplate coils for metal packing

Raw material: tinplate , chromium plated iron, galvanized sheet, black plate Plastic film:BOPET, BOPP ,Resin-film etc. Width: 350-980mm Film color:White film, transparent film, gold film, color film, laser film and customized Film thickness: White film 15-30μ Transparent film 12-30μ Gold film 15~20μ

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What is film laminated steel

A kind of composite materials adopt  the plastic film after color printing and cold rolled sheet combined with(melting or bonding), which is  to replace  the traditional printing on metal plates. 

Adopt plastic film(PET,PP,PE) combined with metal plate through hot melting or bonding, which has solved the corrosivity of metal plate and metal container, both has the decorating, barrier of plastic film and the malleability, figurability of metal.

Customize the pattern according to your plate-making documents. 

Film laminated steel has a good application prospect in the market of packaging materials such as stamping cans DRD, punching cups DI and so on。

Special-shaped cans, easy to open and tear covers, which also provides personalized and fashionable packaging materials for food cans, various drinks, 

grease chemical industry, daily chemistry, medicine and health care.

Main Usages

1、Chemical cans: Chemical can, lacquered can, paint pail, three aerosol can,easy open can, top or bottom cover.

2、Food metal cans: food can, beverage can, tea pot,  candy can.

3、Decorative cans:gift box, jewel case, stationery case, cigarette case, wine case.

4、Others: Building board, paint brush, mobile phone accessories, etc.


Iron uncoiled---coil heating---coating on film---film heating(together with the coil)---laminating---cutting with welding blank---drying---rolling---solidification(sealling for 48 hours at 70°)---coil cutting(1000pieces/pallet according to client's requirements) 


Laser laminating----

Two type: Laser transfer(BOPP film) ;  Laser no transfer(BOPET film)

Laser laminating  can effective anti-counterfeiting and customized anti-fake marks.


The film is not suitable for the welding of can body, it is necessary to keep the welding blank during laminating.

When welding, nitrogen protection, the naked eye can not see the discoloration around the weld, if there is no nitrogen protection, there will be a slight fading.The larger the welding blank, the smaller the change is, the smaller the welding blank , the more obvious the fading.

Low energy consumption  

Fast speed    Saving materials

1, Increase security:  The film is directly applied to the metal surface and no longer use various solvents to solve the problems of bisphenol A

2, Excellent processing performance: Processing resistance, abrasion resistance, not easily be damaged during processing

3, High chemical resistance: Ageing resistantance , corrosion resistantance, can adapt to the harsh environment without shedding and rusting, low volatile, no water consumption

4, Green,energy-saving and pro-environment:  Simplify the drying and solidification process,greatly reduce the energy consumption and CO2 emissions

5, Saving costs during canning process: Remove the inner coating and base coating, simplify the canning process, save costs

6, Manufacturing process and process simple, clean, efficient, low energy consumption, low carbon, low volatile, no water consumption

7, Laminated steel has better color expression

8, Compared to traditional tinplate printing coating, less equipment, less investment, covers an area of less, use less workers.It saves a lot of equipment investment and labor cost.


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