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Open Head Steel Pail Steel Pail With Lock Ring Lid Application : 1,for paint,coating 2,for other chemical products 3,for water proof coating 4,for epoxy paint

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Open Head Steel Pail

Item   thickness    upper diameter(mm)     bottom diameter(mm)      height(mm)

18L     0.35          295±1             271±1            329±1

20L     0.35          295±1             271±1            368±1



Unique selling point

Excellent sealing for seal ring at metal barrel lid inner

Excellent corrosion resistance

Extremely strong shock strength

Strict electric welding quality control at spot welding and seam welding


Detailed technical specification

Inside & outside surface of lid and body

Smooth,round,no rust,non-scratching,no deformation

The cleanliness of the inside & outside surface on the lid and body

Inclusion-free, no grease dirt




Even, no wrinkles,no burr,no tongue shape of iron under the crimping

Welding line

Even and smooth,no smelting welding slag

Paint film

Uniform color,no apparent discoloration,no sagging,no bubbles

Outside paint film adhesion

Not lower than 2

Inside paint film adhesion (suitable for internal coating buckets)

MEK 2min

Welding point,

Even,no breakdown,no discoloration,no blackened


Round and smooth,no deformation,no shedding, non-scratching

Bucket weight(0.35,without lid)

18L:1030±20g; 20L:1170±20g

Rubber ring for lid

No burr,even texture,coincident thickness

Rubber ring solvent resistance test

Whether dregs,fade,corrosive,solvent resistance


pail circle---welding & touch-up---pail stand up --expand --pail top curl--beading--turner--bottom seaming--ear welding--handle insert--pressure monitoring--finished product off line

Structural features of packaging cans

1. There are several unique sealing points between the packaging can body and the packaging lid to ensure no leakage of liquid.

2. The inner edge of the cover is equipped with a ring of reinforcement to ensure that the accumulated load is transferred to the reinforcement.

3. The bottom of the packaging can and the lid of the packaging can match each other to ensure stable accumulation during storage and transportation.

4. There is a tear circle on the lid of the packaging can to ensure that the lid will not be lifted when it falls during transportation.

5, Anti-counterfeiting, must tear the ring to open the cover, to ensure that the famous brand products are not counterfeit.


Q:How many seaming is the best for steel cans? 

A:China usually has 5 or 7 floors, which is also called 2 or 3 floors in foreign countries.

Q:What is the commonly used air tightness test for steel cans?

A:Test method: the tested package is immersed in water and inflated to make the pressure inside the package reach the specified value. The pressure control method shall not affect the validity of the test, and the leakage shall be observed. Equivalent methods can also be used. 

Q: What is steel cans sealant usually composed of?

A:Base materials, plasticizers, fillers, solvents and other auxiliaries. 

Q:What tests do steel cans usually do? 

A:Drop test, air-tight test, hydraulic test, stacking test, etc 

Q: What is the applicable scope of steel cans? 

A:In addition to the field of drug packaging, it can be used in other fields such as chemical industry, food, local goods, hardware, minerals, building materials, mechanical and electrical equipment, injury products, military explosives and national defense industry.

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