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Why film laminated steel can gradually replace tinplate

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Why can film laminated steel gradually replace tinplate? "Forward" will give you a detailed analysis of why film laminated steel can gradually replace tinplate.

Film laminated steel is a deep-processing product of steel. It is decorated with color film on the front and back of cold-rolled thin steel plate or chrome-plated iron composite metal plate, and film laminated steel can have the dual characteristics of PET decorative film and metal plate. Therefore, compared with the traditional metal packaging material tinplate, the laminated steel coated with metal plate decorative film not only does not contain harmful substances, but also has a simple follow-up production process, and the production cost is lower than that of tinplate. Today, film laminated steel considered as an alternative to tinplate in the packaging industry.


Why is it said that the production cost of film laminated steel is lower than that of tinplate?

Because traditional tinplate manufacturers require a special structure of printing equipment, due to the difference in substrates, the auxiliary mechanisms of tinplate printing machines are also different from printing paper offset printing machines. Tinplate is insoluble in water and does not absorb solvents, so the printing ink needs to be baked at high temperature to make the solvent volatilize and the conjunctiva solidify. Therefore, a drying room is generally required in the printing process device. The entire tinplate printing automatic line is generally about 50 meters in length, which is characterized by huge size. In addition, the tinplate printing machine uses magnets to separate sheets and double sheets. The high hardness of the tinplate material also determines the continuous iron feeding structure that cannot be used in the printing process. Paper Offset Press.

Traditional tinplate printing and coating rely on the experience of operators to control each process, while the production process and equipment of film-coated board are simple, the whole production process is automatically controlled, the operation and maintenance are convenient, and production and maintenance can be mastered without special training. Compared with traditional tinplate printing and coating, it has less equipment, less investment, smaller floor space and fewer workers. Thereby saving a lot of equipment investment and labor costs.


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