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Why do people gradually use film laminating technology instead of printing?

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Laminating technology was born in Japan in 1977. It was first used for can making, which can replace internal coating and external coating technology. Up to now, it has been developed into various fields such as building material interior decoration, home appliance shell, and ship interior decoration.

The lamination process does not contain formaldehyde, and the plastic film can be treated with beautification, antibacterial, anti-dyeing, etc., which ensures the safety and health of the human body, and at the same time plays a role in environmental protection.

The laminated sheet used in the canning industry, commonly known as laminated steel (Laminated Steel), is made of PET, PC, PE or PP film and metal sheet (galvanized sheet, cold-rolled sheet, tinplate sheet, copper sheet, aluminum plate, etc.) for cladding.

Plastic film (PET, PP) is combined with the metal plate by hot melting or bonding to solve the corrosion of metal plates and metal containers. It has both the decorative and barrier properties of plastic films and the extension of metal plates. Sexuality, plasticity.


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