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When tinplate meets drum stick

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When tinplate meets drum stick, "Shanghai Meilin Canned Music Factory", a 90 year old heartwarming music factory, landed in Mordor!

Flashing neon lights, a dazzling array of cans with different tastes, classic tinplate packaging, jumping notes... By the end of 2020, another time-honored brand in Shanghai will play "China-Chic"!

From December 29, 2020 to February 1, 2021, Shanghai Meilin, together with the famous domestic music factory brand "Five Hundred Miles Music Festival | Modern Sky", jointly built the "Shanghai Meilin Canned Music Factory" in Shanghai Xingye Taikoo Hui, combining the canned Meilin lunch meat that supplies physiological energy with the music that supplies spiritual energy, making a voice for young people in distress, and specially designing multiple creative ideas.

At the musical instrument canning device in the south area of LG1 of Shanghai Xingye Taikoo Hui, passers-by can choose to stay here for a moment. By scanning the two-dimensional code of the on-site signboard, and combining the picture music drumbeats, you can knock on the drum surface made of canned Meilin. After completing the task, you can not only obtain the Meilin lunch meat that satisfies your taste buds, but also donate a canned Meilin lunch meat to the needy youth in your name, Experience the public welfare fun satisfying spiritual energy in the way of entertainment, which can be called the "90 year old heartwarming brand".

On the opening day of December 29, there were more imaginative free musicians and crazy "music adventurers", bringing childlike "electric sound" percussion music without plugging in. The rhythmic people who have always been flying in the sky bring the elements of canned meat for lunch in Merlin into their creation of handmade musical instruments. The instruments such as drum and electric guitar in the shape of cans of Merlin tinplate, which are arranged in different colors, blend into a wonderful way of musical expression. When the tinplate meets the drum stick, it strikes a fantastic rhythm, and the double "cans" nourish the body and mind.


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