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What are the characteristics of film laminated steel wall panels

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What are the characteristics of metal- laminated wall panels

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Features of film laminated steel wall panels

In view of the need for flexible and flexible office space or workshops, more and more new office building decorations and workshop interior divisions are using  film laminated steel wall panels as the material for space division. 

What are the characteristics

Fast installation

The installation of metal-laminated wall panels is very fast, and the whole process is free of batch embedding, free painting, full assembly, and no wet work

The decoration of traditional building materials requires a long construction period, especially in accordance with the weather. In case of bad weather, the construction period will be delayed and certain losses will be caused.

The metal-laminated wall panels are directly produced in the factory, and the hoisting and splicing operations can be carried out directly on the construction site.

The mechanized operation mode reduces the need for construction personnel to plaster and build walls on site, and is less affected by the weather, which greatly improves the construction progress.






01 Green Construction

The main construction method of the interior decoration technology of metal-laminated wall panels is dry construction. The product components are made in the factory, and the prefabricated products are assembled on site, which can reduce noise, dust and construction waste, and is a green construction environment.

02Material environmental protection

Metal lamination is a new type of composite material that combines galvanized sheet and PVC film. It has the good strength and processing performance of metal materials, and also has the excellent decoration, selection diversity and corrosion resistance of PVC and other polymer films. and other characteristics. The products have been tested by the National Building Materials Testing Center for combustion performance, organic matter and formaldehyde, air sound insulation, breaking load, etc., and meet the requirements of fire protection and environmental protection.




The surface of the metal-laminated steel plate has various color film textures, which can be customized. The decorative effect is better than that of ordinary decorative panels, especially the effect of wood grain. The texture of ordinary wood panels is limited, and many decorative effects cannot be achieved. The finished wall panel can make up for this defect.

The wood grain laminated wall panel has a wooden texture, the surface is clearly visible with the touch of real wood grain, the three-dimensional vivid, the simulation effect is good, and it has a good decorative effect, which can meet the needs of designers for various decorations.



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