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Tinplate can quality inspection method

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For customer who buy tinplate cans, in addition to the price issue, there is also the quality issue of the tinplate cans. Generally, we will ask the manufacturer to send a sample after making a sample, or conduct an on-site inspection to see how to test the quality of the tin products.


1. Scratches: This is one of the common quality problems of tincan. The quality inspection requires that the main parts have no scratches or paint drop, and the minor parts should not have more than 3 minor scratches. The main pattern and text of the steel-printed trademark on the surface must not have serious scratches or mechanical abrasions. If there is a small amount of scattered on the non-main pattern surface, it is allowed to exist without affecting the appearance and vision.

Main parts: the pattern, text, special mark and barcode position of the product theme.

Slight scratches: the printed surface should not be larger than 0.3mm*20mm, and scratches should not be exposed.

Main visual surface: Place the front of the product graphic directly in front of and directly below the sun, and the outer surface that can be observed.

Non-primary visual surfaces: surfaces other than the primary visual surfaces, such as back, side, bottom and inner surfaces.


2. Printing pattern: It is required that the dots of the printing pattern of the main body are clear and complete, the text needs to be clear and correct, and the overprinting is accurate. Regarding the printing online store, the depth of the color is not determined by the amount and thickness of the ink, but by the size of the dark and light dots. The distance between the dots will not change, but the size of the dots is Change, so a screen is formed, and the screen is the optical part of a network image composed of large and small dots.

3. Printing color difference: Color difference should be the quality problem of tin boxes that customers complain the most. The surface color is required to be uniform. Refer to the design drawings and proofing samples. No obvious color difference can be seen between them.

4. Rust: The quality of the tinplate box requires that the main and attached patterns are not rusted, and there are no obvious scratch marks and roller marks on the secondary parts after the rust is wiped off. The roller marks refer to the whitening of the can body after being bent by the can making machine Matte embossing marks.

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