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The tinplate market or high level consolidation in March

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Looking back at the domestic steel market in February, the overall trend of narrow fluctuation and rising was presented. The comprehensive price index of steel rose 44 points, and the national average price of hot rolled and cold rolled steel coils rose 65 and 102 yuan/ton respectively. From the perspective of tinplate fundamentals, the comprehensive price of tinplate raw material substrate increased by 47.5 yuan/ton month-on-month, the average cost of tin ingot decreased by 2108 yuan/ton month-on-month, the supply of tinplate increased by 6.4%, and the gross profit of private steel plants increased by 160 yuan/ton month-on-month; Downstream demand has been fully recovered this month. Looking forward to March, under the traditional peak season of "gold, silver and silver", the supporting role of raw material cost is expected to increase. In combination with the current receipt of tinplate futures orders in April, the tinplate market may be in a high consolidation trend in the light season.


At present, in terms of production, the steel plants received orders well after January and February, and the orders of the major steel plants were basically full. Therefore, the production scheduling or "full fire" of the steel plants in March, the tinplate supply problem was not serious, and the month-on-month growth was expected. In terms of price, Baosteel took the lead in raising the guiding price of tinplate futures in April at the end of the month, with an increase of 200 yuan/ton, which led to the mobilization of positive market sentiment. At the beginning of March, some steel mills have raised the ex-factory price, with an increase of 200-400 yuan/ton. The steel mills have raised the price, and the market price is bound to follow the trend, and the spot price rise is sufficient.

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