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Technical introduction of Film Laminated Steel

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Film Laminated Steel technology is the plastic film and metal plate according to continuous high temperature pressing, the film is attached to the metal plate processing technology. 

Laminating technology was born in Japan in 1977, and was originally used in canning factories to replace internal coating and external coating technology. So far, it has developed into a variety of industries such as decorative building materials inside and outside building decoration, household appliances, vehicles and so on. 

With the advent and widespread use of film laminated steel technology, traditional production processes and new technologies will be refreshed, production efficiency, product costs, daily cleaning, ecological environmental protection and other fields will also be a big step forward.

The characteristics of film laminated steel

Film laminated steel is a kind of metal composite material with bidirectional characteristics of polymer plastic film and sheet metal, which has better alloy resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and ornamental properties than traditional printing and coating iron. This characteristic depends on the need to use cold-rolled steel plate asa plate, quickly and accurately printed as a film plastic film coating, relying on its excellent barrier property, can play a role in inhibiting iron corrosion and protecting the contents of the effect.

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Film laminated steel

1. Film laminated steel with high-quality characteristics 

(1) The corrosion resistance and weather resistance of the film laminated steel are not comparable to that of the architectural coating board. Because it is a sandwich board of plastic film, there is a difference between corrosion resistance and adhesion of architectural coating board, which is solved casually for the film laminated steel , which is an ideal raw material for the factory. 

(2) The film laminated steel has smooth appearance, beautiful surface, good decorative performance and strong pressure resistance. 

(3) The film laminated steel has good organic chemical reliability, aging resistance, anti-aging, corrosion resistance, and can be easily spalling and rusting in harsh environments. 

(4) The production and processing characteristics of the film laminated steel is high quality, with alloy resistant plate and wear resistance, and it is not easy to be damaged in production.

2. Film laminated steel material cost is lower 

(1) Because the film laminated steel is a metal composite material with both plastic film and metal sheet bidirectional characteristics, under normal circumstances, the choice of cold-rolled steel plate coated, its cost advantage is obvious. 

(2) The production and manufacturing of film laminated steel is a continuous and rapid automatic production line, which is 3 times faster than the traditional iron printing processing process.

(3) The production process of film laminated steel, because asa film plastic film and coated film can be carried out at one time, so compared with the traditional iron printing process, it has the characteristics of low energy consumption, faster speed and less material. 

(4) The film laminated steel is easy to use and easy to maintain. The whole process of production is an automatic control system, which is convenient to use and repair, and professional skills can grasp the manufacturing and protection of the production process.

3. Environmental protection, environmental protection, energy saving and environmental health 

(1) The production and manufacture of film laminated steel is free of additives and flue gas discharge, and it does not use building paint drying treatment, and the environmental pollution of the natural environment is less and less, and the saving of resources is more prominent. 

(2) Because the film laminated steel does not use organic chemical building coatings and printing inks, but uses asa plastic film to carry out thermal cladding, so the film laminated steel does not have a variety of compounds that are harmful to the body. The problem of producing hormones and volatile organic compounds in natural environment is solved. 

(3) No phthalic acid, phthalate esters and other harmful substances, can be used with renewable energy.

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