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Sunrise and Emerging Industry-Laminated steel

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The production of laminatedsteel in my country is in its infancy. With the increasingly fierce competition in food packaging materials, the steel-based metal materials used in the can industry are developing towards a trend of thinning. The use of secondary cold-rolling technology can reduce the thickness of cold-rolled sheets, improve the utilization rate of steel per ton, and achieve the purpose of reducing costs, thereby improving the competitiveness of steel tanks. The Corwn Group, in cooperation with Crown Can, has jointly studied the compatibility between the coated secondary cold rolled sheet and the existing equipment. Represented by the French Lorraine Sheet Factory, it has produced secondary cold-rolled laminated steel with excellent elongation, which is very suitable for two-piecestampingcans and easy-open lids.


The composite material made by laminating plastic film on cold-rolled thin steel plate by melting method or bonding method is called "laminated steel", which is opposite to painting steel. Such composite materials have been widely used in home appliances and decorative materials more than 10 years ago. However, the application in the printing steel can industry has begun to rise in recent years. The impact resistance and corrosion resistance of laminated steel are unmatched by paintingsteel. That is to say, the contradiction between corrosion resistance and adhesion of laminated steel is easily solved. For the packaging of ketchup cans and two-piece cans, laminated steel is an ideal material. laminated steel is a metal material with the dual characteristics of plastic film and metal sheet. Therefore, under normal circumstances, it is not necessary to use tinplate as a substrate to produce coated iron. Under the current situation of soaring tinplate prices, the cost advantage of using cold-rolled sheet coating is obvious. The production of laminated steel does not discharge a large amount of solvent waste gas, and the film forming temperature is only about 70 °C, so its production cost is also much lower than that of painting steel.


In short, laminated steel belongs to the sunrise industry in China. Due to its superior performance, environmental protection products and processes, and competitive price, it will gradually replace traditional painting in the metal packaging industry in the near future. The obvious advantages of laminated steel fit and meet the trends and requirements of packaging development in the 21st century, and will surely lead a "green revolution" in the metal food and beverage packaging industry. With the increasingly strict requirements of green environmentalprotection and the increasing shortage of resources, the global can making material industry, canmaking industry and lid making industry are undergoing major revolutionary changes. Aluminum), stampedcansdrawncans and easy-tear lids are slowly becoming the mainstream of the can industry in developed countries. The key (basic) of these changes is the advancement of the quality of secondary cold rolled sheets (the advancement of steelmaking technology) and the development of coating technology

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