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Summarization: Characteristics and application of film laminated steel

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Summarization: Characteristics and application of film laminated steel

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According to the different production process, film laminated steel can be divided into molten film laminated steel and adhesive film laminated steel. Adhesive film laminated steel using adhesive plastic film adhesive on the steel plate, due to environmental pollution and product performance defects, has been gradually replaced by molten film laminated steel, currently referred to as film laminated steel refers to molten film laminated steel. Melt film laminated steel is in a certain temperature range, the special, special plastic film after partial melting directly glued to the thin steel plate composite material, both plastic and sheet metal dual characteristics. Compared with the traditional printing iron, can making process needs coating drying, film laminated steel can making process is more simple, has more advantages in performance, environmental protection and energy consumption, is an important innovation in the metal packaging industry.


Characteristics and application of film laminated steel 

Film laminated steel products are mainly made of chrome-plated thin steel plate as the substrate, on both sides of the covered with multiple layers of composite plastic film. Due to the presence of a chromium hydrated oxide film on the surface of chrome-plated thin steel plate, a large number of -OH groups are provided, which can be bonded with the carboxyl group on the surface of plastic film by hydrogen bond.


Because the surface of TFS product and organic film are bonded together in the form of hydrogen bond, the film laminated steel production process does not need adhesives and direct hot melt bonding, covering fastness is very high, with superior impact resistance. Polyester film has excellent mechanical properties, high rigidity, hardness and toughness, friction resistance, high temperature and low temperature resistance, chemical resistance, oil resistance, air tightness and fragrance retention, is an ideal permeability material. TFS product surface after hot melt polyester film makes the coated plate compared with coating iron, not only the process is pollution-free, itself does not contain harmful substances, good chemical stability, sulfur resistance, corrosion resistance and scratch resistance performance is superior. The appearance of the coated plate is smooth, smooth surface, excellent processing performance, deep punching resistance, wear resistance, in the processing is not damaged, is the best substitute for tinplate in the packaging industry.


Film laminated steel is a kind of metal material with both plastic film and sheet metal characteristics. Its ability of blocking corrosion medium penetration is close to "complete suppression", and its electrochemical impedance is much higher than that of film laminated steel. film laminated steel is a revolutionary progress in the production of metal cans, productivity, production costs, sanitation, environmental protection and other aspects will be a big step forward, especially in the high end of two pieces of food metal cans have unique advantages. With the increasingly stringent requirements of green environmental protection and resource shortage, recyclable and recycled metal packaging materials are increasingly favored by people.


The production and processing process of film laminated steel does not use adhesives, solvents, does not contain formaldehyde, but also avoids the interference of bisphenol A, can be widely used in high school food cans, drinks, alcohol packaging. Just for the rapidly expanding two-piece cans (steel and aluminium) around the world, annual domestic consumption is now about 40bn. Can be calculated by the growth rate of 10% a year, domestic demand will reach 64 billion only five years later, while two-piece cans of domestic steel production is about 2 billion or so, only share is only 5%, capacity and energy consumption problem in the process of traditional tank production, easy to rust, and its inherent disadvantages (flavor can't enter the beer market) limits the further development. It can be foreseen that the application prospect of green and environmentally friendly film laminated steel products in the domestic two-piece cans of food market is very broad.



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