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Review Germany Metpack exhibition

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It is a great pleasure to participate in the Metpack exhibition in Essen May, and it is an honor to accept "The Canmaker Magazine" Remembers Paul's Interview.

Film laminated tinplate is a new type of material, and many new applications are under development, such as: water-based paint cans, foodcans, milkpowdercans, etc.

Foodsafety needs the attention of the whole world, and #infantmilkpowdercans are the top priority, because children are the future of the world.Therefore, in order to combat counterfeit and shoddy milk powder manufacturer, Jiangyin forward have used a special anti-counterfeiting technology - laser lamination.

The following article is excerpted from The Canmaker Magazine:


"Key developments among Chinese materials and packaging suppliers are aimed at disrupting the market in counterfeit goods, especially in sensitive and high-value areas such as infant nutrition. Jiangyin Forward Supply Chain Management Company showed off samples of laser-generated holographic foils used on its tinplate. 

"It's a new material for us, and is already being used in the production of infant formula cans for Chinese brands," said technical manager Qiang Chen, adding that counterfeiting was a "worldwide problem". 

The security features are incorporated into the lamination film for the tinplate. There is a cost involved, but there are also savings to be made on the weight and cost of the tin coating, said Jiangyin Forward. 

New customers choosing standard fifilm-laminated steel include Japan's Nippon Paints, which the company is supplying with paint pails and lids. 

"We have three highly-automated factories and around 100 workers," said Jiangyin Forward general manager Ring Hwang." Our production splits roughly 50/50 between domestic markets and export.""

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