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Q & A of Film laminated steel and Printing iron

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Q & A of Laminated steel and Printing iron


1. Q: What color of film is shown in the picture above?

A: There are two possibilities: 1. Bronzing, which is made with pigments and can be adjusted online without printing.2. Printing film, which requires the film factory to match colors to achieve the desired effect.Both of these possibilities require a real sample.

2.Q: Do we usually make the film for the base cover, such as white, gold and so on, also divide it into ordinary modulation and printing film?

A: yes.Our samples are also divided into these two types. One customer in our country uses the bronzer with printed film, and the other one uses our online bronzer.If it is a lid or bottom, it is usually mix color online.

3.Q: Is there much difference in price between the two types?

A: The price difference is quite large, it is estimated that the difference is more than USD 0.2 per square, if 0.35 iron, that is, the price difference per ton is more than USD 70.


4.Q:Is the color modulated online less bright than that of the printed film?

A:It doesn't have to be, it depends on which color it is Inclined to, or whether it's Inclined to red or whether it's Inclined to blue.A reddish hue is close to bronze, and a bluish hue is close to coffee.

5.Q:If the modulation is a solid color film, the price of the entire laminated steel, will be cheaper than printing iron?

A:Not necessarily, the more complex color, the price of the laminated steel will be lower than the printing iron, the more simple, the price is basically close to.

For example, single gold, the printing iron as long as a color on the printing, and laminated steel with a layer of film and glue.In comparison, the monochrome coated iron contrast price does not have an advantage, better in environmental protection, printing iron will have some volatile and harmful substances, etc.

6. Q:Like Bardes paint, 3Trees paint, Nippon paint, etc., they provide the entire plate-making document to do the laminated steel for barrel body, compared to printing iron is there a price advantage?

A:Yes, at present, the barrel body material with laminated steel, the price is lower than the printing iron. And qualitative have distinction, environmental protection, can pass European Union standard.

7.Q:Is the color of laminated steel not as bright as the printing iron?

A:No, the printing press at most 12 colors, the current color film can also go up to more than 10 colors, so the brightness of the same.The barrel laminated effect is more textured than the printing iron, better visual effect. The visual effect of laminated steel is better than the printing iron, except the white printing iron is better than the film laminated steel.

8.Q:Which one is easier to peel off the color, printing iron or laminated steel?Is it easy to scrape the film off the laminated barrel body?

A:Printing iron is not easy to peel off the color, ink is used for printing iron, ink and iron affinity is very good, so it is not easy to scratch.And the printing iron will also be specially coated with a protective light oil.The degree of abrasion resistance of the film is not as good as that of the printeing iron. After all, the PET film is easy to be broken if it is scraped artificially. It will not fall off, but it is easy to be scratched.

9.Q:Will the cost of ink coating on film be more expensive?

A: If the film is coated with light oil, the cost is relatively high and it is not cost-effective.The inks used for color film are more expensive, such as DIC ink.

10. Q:Is the ink polluted?Does this mean that printing iron and laminated steel will both cause pollution?

A:Color film use of ink is not much, and are not necessarily the use of large factory ink.So when the waste bucket recycling, can only say that tis basically non-toxic, in fact, in the incineration is still a little bit.

Printing iron and laminated steel are actually two systems, but the effect is the same.

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