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On the environmental advantages of tinplate packing box

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The raw material of #tinplatepackaging box is tinplate. There are two ways to produce tinplate, one is to use mineral resources mainly including iron ore and coke, and the other is to use recycled materials from tinplatecans. The quality of tinplate produced by these two methods is the same. It does not need to cut down trees to produce tinplate and will not damage the ecological balance.


1. Process and cost advantages

Traditional tinplate boutique box is formed by installing a metal mold on a punch press. At present, tinplateboxes and handmade paper boxes are the representatives of domestic gift packaging boxes. By comparison, tinplateboxes save more manpower than handmade paper boxes, are safer and more environmentally friendly without glue in the production process, and have more cost advantages than handmade paper boxes.

2. Sustainable development

(1) Recyclable 

The iron can itself has a feature that other packaging materials do not have, that is, it can be absorbed by a magnet. In this way, the magnetic separator can be used to separate the iron can from waste by magnetic force. With this feature, it is easier to recycle the iron can from waste. Therefore, the biggest advantage of tinplatepackaging is sustainability, because it has unlimited recycling capacity. Among all packaging materials, metal packaging (especially tinplate) has the highest recovery rate. In 2017, the recovery rate of metal packaging in Germany reached 91%, the recovery rate of tinplate was about 93%, the recovery rate of aluminum was 88%, and the recovery rate of plastic packaging in Germany was only about 49%.

(2) Low pollution 

In fact, the main raw material tinplate in the iron can container is harmless to the environment and can be naturally decomposed. Because when the iron can exists in the environment, it can be naturally oxidized to return to the original iron oxide state and return to nature. Therefore, the stacking of waste iron cans can be decomposed by time and will not cause environmental pollution. At the same time, it is not necessary to cut down trees to make iron cans, so as not to damage the ecological balance.


The tinplatepackagingbox can be recycled indefinitely, which is in line with the current concept of global sustainable development and is the most environmentally friendly packaging. Fine iron boxes (miscellaneous cans) are widely used to package food, candy, chocolate, electronic products, tobacco, wine, tea, cosmetics, medicines and health products due to their material characteristics and technological advantages.

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