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Metpack 2023, how do you feel?

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After six years, Metpack has come to a successful conclusion. We, Jiangyin Forward's debut on Metpack has also come to a perfect conclusion. As a professional company that manufactures tinplate, film laminated steel and can end products, our high quality, competitive price and excellent service will definitely provide you with the most satisfactory packaging solutions and services. Thanks to all the customers and friends we met, and look forward to our close contact and mutual assistance in the field of metal packaging outside the exhibition, cooperate. Believe in metal packaging, believe in Jiangyin Forward. Keep together, keep forward.

During this exhibition, many of our products have been recognized by customers all over the world.

--Metal raw material: tinplate, chromed-plated iron, galvanized sheet,etc. Which sourced from well-known metal mills in China, such as Shougang group, Bao steel and so on.

--Filmlaminated steel: can replace the traditional printing technology. On the basis of the effects that printing technology can reflect, the film laminating technology can produce anti-counterfeiting effects and high depth of field 3D naked-eye effects. It has a more beautiful appearance and can be applied to the body of chemical cans , the lid&bottom of metal cans, the body of aerosol cans, etc.

--Components of metal cans: the perfect combination of film laminating technology and metal lid&bottom,have multiple production lines and can provide all sizes commonly seen in the market, and special sizes can be customized upon request.

--Aerosol cans: various specifications can be selected, can also apply traditional printing technology and lamination technology according to requirements.

--Chemical cans, glue cans and other miscellaneous cans: customized services can be provided according to the requirements. From raw materials to logistics, we have the ability to control by ourselves, and it is consistent, so we have very competitive prices in the market.

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