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Introduction and application of laser film

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Laser film is a high-tech and environmentally friendly new material developed at the beginning of this century, it is through a special production process, can be used to produce compound laser card paper, transfer laser card paper, uv laser decorative materials, is the carrier of laser holographic images. At present, the most widely used laser film in the market are mainly laser aluminum film, laser bronzing film, laser rainbow film, laser medium film, transparent laser film, laser medium film, etc. The following is a detailed introduction to their respective characteristics and applications.

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1. Aluminum plating film

Aluminum coating film is divided into BOPP coating film, CPP aluminum coating film, PET aluminum coating film, and their characteristics are:

(1) BOPP aluminum film: BOPP film as raw material, through vacuum aluminum processing; It has the characteristics of fullness and smoothness of aluminum layer, good adhesion of aluminum layer and strong adhesion to ink. It is suitable for lithography, gravure and flexographic printing. It is widely used in flexible packaging, handbag, wrapping paper, gift box, composite, decoration, laser holographic anti-counterfeiting, laser imprint laser and other fields.

(2) CPP aluminum film: CPP film as raw material, through vacuum aluminum processing; It has the characteristics of low initial sealing temperature, wide thermal sealing temperature, high strength, high gloss, strong metal feeling, good uniformity of aluminum plating and so on. Widely used in flexible packaging compound, food packaging, toys, balloons and other fields. 

(3) PET aluminum film: PET film as raw material, through vacuum aluminum processing; With good adhesion of aluminum layer, strong adhesion to ink, suitable for lithography, gravure, flexographic and other printing characteristics; Widely used in printing, composite, drawing, textile gold and silver thread, self-adhesive and other fields. 

2. Laser rainbow film

The color of the laser rainbow film is made by light interference and varies with the Angle of view. Laser color film is divided into red, yellow, blue, green, purple and other colors, can be combined with different colors of paper, plastic, artificial leather, composite can also be ginning, bronzing, printing, in the rainbow film surface caused by patterns, so as to make it more colorful. It is suitable for handbag wrapping paper, gift box and other fields.

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3.Laser dielectric film

The laser dielectric film, thickness: 19μm-40μm, is the upgrade of the laser transparent film. Its notable features are: the laser brightness is several times stronger than the ordinary laser transparent film, and the laser pattern can not be erased. Especially suitable for high-grade medicine box, wine box, gift box and other paper products film. 

4. Laser bronzing film

Laser bronzing materials are divided into plastic and paper adhesive two types, hot plastic plastic plastic or PET film as the base material, hot paper adhesive paper film as the base material.

Ironing paper glue is suitable for stamping all kinds of signs, patterns and patterns on paper substrates such as invitations, greeting cards, calendars, postcards and book covers. Ironing plastic is suitable for ironing pencils, mobile pens, ball pens, plastic toys and other products. It can also be ironed on PET film with various signs, patterns and patterns, and then transferred to bicycles, glass, machinery as advertisements or trademarks by the back glue. It is colorful and lifelike under the sun. 

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Because laser film has high security and anti-counterfeiting, gorgeous color, dynamic illusion effect, positive code anti-counterfeiting, It is believed in the near future will be widely used in packaging, printing, decoration and other fields.

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