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How do we maintain our customers and make them trust us?

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How do we maintain our customers and make them trust us?

There are six major reasons. So that we know what we can do to make our clients even more stickly to our business.

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Reason No.1: Product itself

We produce something the other people cannot, our products, services, solutions can fit clients’ requirements better. And the raw materials are selected from the best materials in the market. Top materials ensure our products more competitive. Our lids and bottoms adopt laminated steel, it is more wear resistant, scratch resistant, corrosion resistant. Energy-saving & Pro-environment. Cost effective. 




Reason No.2: Price, lower price.

We always keep relatively lower price than our competitors so that we can attract our clients from time to time. And we have some stock to cope with the rising prices of raw materials. Moreover, we strictly control the cost when purchasing, which makes the price of our products more competitive.


Reason No.3: Quality control and compensation policy.

This one is very much related with reason No.1: product itself.

It make sure our clients feel comfortable buying from us, without any wrong or concern on the quality or the compensation.

If there is something wrong with the goods, we will accept customer claims extremely quickly. And some of them can be reissued next time.If the goods are returned after wrong delivery, we will bear the freight.If the customer needs, we can arrange technical specialists to go to the customer's factory to inspect the quality of our products on the spot, communicate with the customer face to face, and deal with such problems on the spot first.


Reason No.4: Payment terms.

We always provide our clients flexible or aggressive payment terms, in order to make sure continue business.

For example the competitor offers 50% advance payment by T/T, however we can offer 30%. The competitor offers T/T payment, however we can offer payment by L/C.

Of course, the timely payment of clients is one of the important conditions for us to maintain good long-term cooperation.


Reason No.5: Transportation

We guarantee a better cargo protection during international transportation, and a quicker shipment schedule than our competitors.

What's more, the packing of our products is seaworthy, which can effectively guarantee the safety of the goods in the long process of sea transportation. And our own logistics supply chain system can make better and more timely arrangements for the shipment of goods.


Reason No.6: Services

Some of our clients really requires higher level of services. Professional, better English, always make sure smooth communication. We work as ears and eyes of our clients in China, so that our clients feel necessary to keep our service in the market and feed us with the orders from time to time.


But only knowing these six major reasons in not enough, how do you make your customers trust you more?

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