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"Green Revolution" of Metal Packaging

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Compared with the traditional tin coating technology, the coated iron technology has the advantages of environmental protection in the production process and enhancing the product performance. It is an ideal material for metal packaging products. The specific advantages involve three aspects.


First of all, in terms of environmental protection, the traditional tinplate coating technology needs to be coated and dried for many times in production (generating waste gas and waste water), while the coated iron has no waste gas and waste water emissions in its production and application process, which is characterized by environmental protection.

Secondly, in terms of safety, the film used by coated iron is superior to the resin coating of coated iron in terms of tensile property, barrier property and corrosion resistance, making coated iron packaging products superior to coated iron in terms of food safety assurance such as rust prevention, corrosion resistance and deformation prevention.

The third is to improve the production efficiency. The coated iron and its application technology reduce the coating, spraying, patching and drying processes in the production process, and improve the production efficiency of materials and products several times.

Therefore, the film covered production line has obvious advantages in improving production efficiency, achieving energy consumption, low emissions, low carbon, energy conservation and environmental protection.

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