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Do you want to know more about the properties of film lamianted steel?

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Laminated Steel, CoatedSteel, that is, a composite material that combines color-printed plastic films on cold-rolled steel sheets by melting or bonding to replace tinplate and chrome-plated steel. Printed by steel printing.


The technological process of the laminated steel production line has changed the traditional steelprinting process of one sheet, one set of colors, and baked over and over again. Instead, the entire roll of plates is cleaned and directly hot-pressed or bonded with multi-color printed films. On the plate, it can be cut according to the requirements. The production process is fully automated, and printing and laminating can be completed at one time, realizing the industrial production of plate-coated steel for cans.

Laminated steel is composed of polymer resin film and steel. The applied resins include: polyester (PET), polypropylene (PP), etc. The applied steel plates include: tinplated, chrome-plated steel, plain steel and galvanized steel. Since the composite steel has the characteristics of both resin and steel materials, it has the following advantages:

  • Smooth appearance, lubricating, good decoration, good hand feeling

  • Strong wear resistance and corrosion resistance

  • Strong chemical stability, corrosion resistance and aging resistance

  • Low surface capillary action

  • Good formability and deep drawing

  • Low adhesion to paint

Compared with traditional tinplate offset printing, this technology not only improves the physical and chemical stability and appearance decoration of packaging containers for laminated products, but also has significant advantages in production:

  • Fast speed, high efficiency, 3 times that of traditional steel printing:

The film printing of color printing and laminating technology can complete 8-10 color registrations at one time, up to 100-200m per minute, the maximum width can reach 1.2 meters, and the laminating adhesive can reach 40-80 m per minute, double-sided simultaneous compounding, shift production Up to 30 tons, the application of Fuji two-color printing machine can only produce 10 tons per shift, and the work efficiency can be increased by 3 times compared with the same period of last year.

  • Low energy consumption, low cost, 70% energy saving in low temperature composite

Since printing and laminating can be completed at one time, and the speed is fast, and the laminating process requires a temperature of about 60°C, which is one-third of the temperature of 180°C for tinplate offset printing, so the unit energy consumption, that is, the unit electricity consumption, is greatly reduced, can save 60%. Because of the use of polyester film instead of varnish, and white pearlescent film instead of white Keding, the cost of consumables per square meter is 30% lower than that of traditional printing steel, and at the same time, the inventory tape of manufacturers can be reduced by 50%. What is more prominent is that since the lamination process adopts coil processing, it can save the biting and full coil arbitration in the old process, and the material utilization rate can be increased by 4.5%, which has played a role in achieving low-cost competition for can manufacturers very important role.

  • Less exhaust gas emission, good for envsteelmental protection

  1. Since the white pearlescent film replaces the white cotyledon ink, and the polyester film replaces the varnish, so the release of exhaust gas in a large amount of solvents is reduced.

  2. The traditional steel printing process needs to go through 3-6 times of drying process. If kerosene is used to burn, a large amount of waste gas will be released.

  • Simple operation and convenient maintenance

Traditional tinplate printing relies entirely on the experience of technical operators to control various processes and procedures, while the production process and equipment of laminated steel are all automatically controlled, easy to operate and maintain, and easy to master production and maintenance technologies.



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