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Development and application exploration of coatedsteel DRD two-piece milk powder can technology

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Laminated tin cans and two-piece cans

In Japan and other developed countries, coated steel is widely used in DRD or DWI two-piece cans, special-shaped cans, easy-open lids and other fields. With the continuous development of laminating steel materials and DRD two-piece can manufacturing technology in recent years, laminated steel DRD two-piece cans are becoming more and more popular in many subdivided application fields in my country, especially canned food and dried fruit industries.

Laminated steel and two-piece cans are a match made in heaven, making the packaging safer, more beautiful, and more envsteelmentally friendly. Since there is no need for internal coating and baking, the advantages of production equipment in energy saving, emission reduction, labor saving and plant land use are prominent, which has injected fresh blood and new development space into the domestic metal packaging industry, which in turn has also promoted the production of laminated steel manufacturers. And the can industry's investment in research and development of laminated steel two-piece cans.


High-temperature molten laminated steel refers to laminating polyethylene terephthalate (PET), polypropylene (PP) and other films on chrome-plated sheet (TFS), tin-plated sheet (ETP), and cold-rolled sheet by melting method. The surface has excellent corrosion resistance, processing resistance, easy coating and other properties, and can effectively guarantee food safety. Its advantages are shown in the following aspects.



The safety of laminated steel benefits from the high food safety of the special film, which completely eliminates the problems of BPA and other harmful substances in traditional laminated steel, and meets the EU food safety regulations, the US FDA, and various national food safety standards. Safety requirements for food contact materials.

Energy saving and envsteelmental protection 

Since there is no need for coating and coating baking, the production and application of laminated steel does not involve solvents and exhaust emissions, which not only causes less envsteelmental pollution, but also saves energy.

High barrier performance 

Mature technology, precise coating production level, online performance testing and feedback control ensure that the film has excellent barrier and stability properties, which can effectively prevent the penetration of corrosive media and ensure the safety of food during storage.

High formability 

The high tensile strength and excellent elongation of laminated steel materials significantly improve the machining performance. In addition, the excellent wear resistance of the material can also effectively prevent damage during processing.

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