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Conical two square aluminum cans: Breaking the innovative ceiling of lunch meat packaging

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For a long time, the domestic canned lunch meat products in the packaging image has been cured to tinplate rectangular with longitudinal weld three-piece cans (hereinafter referred to as "three rectangular iron cans") and supporting tinplate rectangular easy to open the lid as the mainstream, supplemented by imported aluminum rectangular deep stretching two cans (hereinafter referred to as "two rectangular aluminum cans") and supporting aluminum rectangular easy to open the lid. Both types of packaging seem to have fallen into an innovation dilemma in terms of eliminating pain points in application or improving the effect of retail shelves, not to mention increasing the added value of products at the consumer end.


Conical two square aluminum cans: set can be folded and easy to remove film and many other advantages in one.

In view of this, our R & D team after repeated research and testing, developed an aluminum square neck with taper stretching two cans F862 (utility model patent: ZL2020883373.9; Appearance patent: ZL202030645142.X, hereinafter referred to as "Conical two square aluminum cans"), and exclusive matching F88mm square aluminum high temperature cooking easy to open the lid (utility model patent: ZL202020886205.5; Appearance patent: ZL202030646351.6, hereinafter referred to as "square cooking resistant aluminum cover"), in addition to completely solve the above two types of packaging application pain points, but also from the appearance of the packaging to give consumers visual impact, but also in the consumer side to bring unexpected dish presentation effect.

The advantages of conical two square aluminum cans: 

First, because the can body is pressed and formed, it completely solves the problem of food contamination caused by weld vulcanization of three iron cans. 

Second, the conical body and the neck extension design of the mouth bring the following benefits. One is that lunch meat stripping is no longer a problem. Second, the characteristics of the tapered tank body can be folded greatly reduce the cost of empty tank transportation, so that there is basically no regional difference between food manufacturers and can manufacturers. The third is that in the canning collection and packaging and the filling of food in separate cans, the overlapping automatic canning technology can be used (the gap between the tank walls is enough to avoid scratches on the coating), which can reduce the rate of waste and defective products in the packaging and transportation process. 

Third, because the ratio of height to diameter is less than 1, the square tank can be printed directly on the sheet before being shaped. In addition, the eye-catching appearance design of different traditional products significantly enhances the shelf impact of canned products and helps brand promotion. It should be noted that the capacity of the square tank we have put on the market is consistent with that of the traditional rectangular three-piece tank. 

Fourth, the shape of the lunch meat poured from the square pot breaks the tradition, is more beautiful, and brings better dish presentation and dish effect for the central kitchen, restaurants, hotels and other terminal consumption places, which is expected to improve the added value of traditional lunch meat canned food.

The use of the new tank type requires the customer to replace the mold on the basis of the original filling line. Focusing on the marketing of the new tank type, our company will provide a full range of technical support from filling, sealing, sterilization and so on. 

In the future, our company will also develop some large-capacity and personalized packaging for specific application fields such as central kitchens, restaurants, organs and corporate canteens to help users reduce costs and improve efficiency.

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