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Comparison of film laminated and traditional printing process

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Comparison of film laminated and traditional printing process

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Compared with traditional printed steel can materials

1) The laminated tinplate has the characteristics of corrosion resistance and rust resistance that the printing steel cannot match (the traditional printing steel has the contradiction between corrosion resistance and adhesion), which is very important for three-piece food packaging cans such as ketchup packaging cans. Ideal packaging material;

2) laminated tinplate has good stability, weather resistance and aging resistance, and can adapt to harsh environments without falling off and rusting;

3) Excellent processing performance, deep drawing resistance, wear resistance, in It is not easy to be damaged during processing. Due to its smooth surface and the lubricating effect of the plastic film, it is easier to form in the processing of metal cans;

4) The appearance is smooth, decorative, and nice touch.

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Compared with the traditional steel-printing  process:

1) Laminated steel is a composite material with the dual characteristics of plastic film and metal sheet. Generally, cold-rolled sheet can be used for lamination instead of tinplate as the base material to produce lamination Iron, the cost advantage is obvious;

2) The production of laminated tinplate is a continuous high-speed production line for rolling plates, which is faster than the traditional steel printing process;

 3) Since the printing of plastic film and lamination can be completed at one time, compared with traditional iron printing The technology has the characteristics of low energy consumption, high speed and less materials

 4) The production of laminated steel requires less equipment, a high degree of automation, less investment and less floor space. In addition, it has outstanding performance in energy saving and environmental protection. The use and popularization of laminated steel is known as the "green revolution" of metal food packaging.


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