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Chinese Packaging Industry Status and Development Solutions

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Chinese packaging industry has experienced a high-speed development stage and now has established a considerable production scale, which has become an important part of Chinese manufacturing field. At present, Chinese packaging industry has formed an independent and complete industrial system with paper packaging, plastic packaging, metal packaging, glass packaging, packaging printing and packaging machinery etc.


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The rapid development of Chinese packaging industry not only basically meets the needs of domestic consumption and merchandise exports, but also plays an important role in protecting commodities, facilitating logistics, promoting sales and serving consumption. Driven by the sustained and rapid growth of Chinese national economy, Chinese packaging industry has also achieved rapid development. The huge market development space and superior development environment have attracted many multinational companies and private capital to enter the packaging industry.



I. Some opinions on the current development of the industry

In the whole, Chinese packaging industry is in the process of moving from a packaging country to a packaging power. In some areas, we are both large and strong. But at the same time, in almost all areas, there are strengths and weaknesses and even counterfeiting. I think how to eliminate inferiority and avoid bad money to drive out good money is the basis for judging the situation and clear direction.


Therefore, how the federation can support large enterprises to improve their concentration and assist small and medium-sized enterprises to do their own work is the focus of our work. Therefore, we need to have a unified understanding of the history and current status of the packaging industry.


1. Review the historical background of reform and opening, Chinese packaging industry has made tremendous achievements.


(1) The system is complete.

Since the reform and opening, Chinese packaging industry has established a variety of categories, such as paper packaging, plastic packaging, metal packaging, glass packaging, bamboo and wood packaging, packaging and printing, packaging machinery, etc. More sub-branched areas have been able to fully cover and serve all areas of the national economy and are still expanding.


(2) The total amount of production is huge.

In the past 40 years of reform and opening, the packaging industry has maintained steady and healthy development. The status of pillar industries and sunrise industry has not wavered. In 1980, the packaging industry realized the total industrial output value (constant price) of 7.8 billion yuan (full-scale); in 2017, the main business income of packaging enterprises above designated size reached 2 trillion yuan, accounting for nearly 2.4% of the national enterprises above designated size, regardless of The impact of changes such as statistical caliber is about 250 times that of 1980.


(3) The level of technology has improved.

The enterprises in the industry have greatly increased their emphasis on and investment in science and technology research and development and have also obtained some scientific research results with good market prospects and promotion and application value. The industry's independent innovation capability, technical equipment level and product development capability have been greatly improved; Intelligent manufacturing is advancing in an orderly manner and business innovation is flourishing.


(4) Competitiveness has increased.

Packaging has always been a highly competitive open industry. Because of the low barriers to entry, the competitive intensity is unparalleled in the domestic market. On the other hand, it is precisely because of the long-term fierce competition that quite several companies in our industry are also highly commendable in terms of technological adaptability, cost control, internal control and other competitive adaptability.


2. The problems in Chinese packaging industry


(1) The concentration of industry within the packaging industry still needs to be improved.

Judging from the current situation of Chinese packaging industry, the industrial structure is unreasonable and the phenomenon of small, scattered and chaotic enterprises is prominent. A group of well-known enterprises and brands with high market share and domestic and foreign brands have not yet been formed.


(2) The level of industry technology is still quite different from that of other industrialized countries. 

For example, some of our research and production of packaging raw materials are lagging developed countries such as Europe, America, Japan, etc. There are still many advanced production technologies and equipment mainly relying on imports, not only subject to foreign countries but also increase production costs; our packaging design concept has yet to be popularized.


(3) The environmental protection pressure faced by some areas of the packaging industry is still huge.

As is known to all, the country now attaches great importance to environmental protection and has taken actions at the policy and legal protection levels. From the current situation, the green development concept of Chinese packaging industry has been continuously enhanced. Emissions have declined to varying degrees and the circular economy has seen initial results. However, for a long period of time or even a period, some areas of the packaging industry will face tremendous pressure from environmental protection. 


II. The future work of the China Packaging Federation


Over the years, China Packaging Federation has done a lot of work in the packaging industry in terms of industry technology innovation, standard setting, brand building, industry internationalization and talent training. It has achieved remarkable results and has been well received by the industry. These tasks must continue to be unremittingly and solidly done. In addition, China Packaging Federation will also consider doing a few practical things for the industry according to the new situation. I will do intensive research, extensively listen to everyone's opinions form the work objectives and measures of the Ninth Council. Now, mainly for the current situation and tasks, I propose to do "Four faces, four transformations".


(1) In face of the decoupling reform of industry associations, it is necessary to change the management system.


For the impact of the decoupling reform of these trade associations, we should have a full understanding, early preparations and adapt to the decoupling reform as soon as possible in the management system. There are a few points: First, we must reconsider the positioning of the federation. Nowadays, the national industry associations have various management systems and management models, which can be said to be varied. There are a lot of good industry associations to do. In the next step, we must strengthen research, reference and learn from the successful experiences of some domestic and foreign industry associations, and then reposition the association. Second, starting from this session of the Board of Directors, we have newly reorganized and expanded the Council of Directors, including the responsible comrades of local packaging associations and special committees. The purpose is to further strengthen the ties with the industry and enhance the ability of the China Insurance Organization to lead the industry. Strengthen linkage, unity with one heart, gather wisdom, and leapfrog development. The third is to focus on the integration and reorganization of professional committees. If you do not ask for a large quantity, you must have good quality, and you will not be able to play a role. Fourth, in order to better adapt to the work of the service industry, when the conditions are ripe, the federation should adjust the internal institutions, re-appoint personnel, strengthen assessment, introduce market-oriented personnel and remuneration, and hope that the reform will support the council.


(2) Facing the urgent needs of the industry's transformation and upgrading, it is necessary to change the service mode.

First, we must use new scientific and technological information means to promote industrial upgrading. The China Packaging Federation has long been striving to promote a two-in-one integration strategy within the industry. It has achieved tangible results and continues to do so consistently. In addition, we can consider building a packaging industry Internet + integrated service platform. At present, basic technologies such as cloud computing, Internet, big data, mobilization, and artificial intelligence have caused major changes in the environment of various industries. The Chinese packaging industry should have its own public service platform.


The second is to graft the capital market and means to consciously guide the upgrading of the packaging industry. The mission of the packaging industry fund is to guide and promote the investment industry through the packaging industry, promote the reorganization and integration of the packaging industry, and integrate resources, accelerate the construction and cultivation of new industrialized industrial demonstration bases and groups with outstanding characteristics in the packaging industry, and form a group with strong well-known companies and well-known brands with influence.


(3) In face of new changes in the internal and external economic environment, the transformation of service content is required.

First, we must strengthen macro strategic research. We must pay close attention to the changes in the internal and external economic environment and economic policies and timely transmit important economic information and policy information to enterprises in the industry. Do a good job of connecting bridges and ties between enterprises in the industry and the government and strive for preferential policies and benefits for enterprises. It is necessary to change the original service means and service methods to improve the quality of service. The second is to organize the strength, build a platform, and speak on behalf of the industry in the procurement of some bulk raw materials. The third is to take the lead in the joint industry to build a packaging industry technology demonstration park in the developed areas of the packaging industry. These parks will have great opportunities to obtain preferential policies for local government land and taxation, and will also help to transform and upgrade the packaging industry in the region and improve the concentration of the packaging industry. These parks will also benefit those who are interested in the packaging industry.


(4) In the of comprehensively strengthening the new situation of party building, we will fully realize the transformation of work style.

The political ecology has clearly improved, and the whole party has renewed its vitality and vitality. First, we must improve political standing and awareness, be brave in taking responsibility, act proactively, based on responsibility and mission, and make new contributions to the development of Chinese packaging industry. Second, the leaders of the China Insurance Association and the cadres of all the party's quality resources must change their work style, persist in pragmatic and truth-seeking, always maintain the sense of purpose of progress, the sense of pressure of work and grasp every task in the spirit of nailing. The third is to be honest and clean. Intensify party discipline, honesty, self-discipline and warning education, educate and guide party members and cadres to abide by the law and discipline, strictly handle affairs according to law, be cautious in using power, strictly observe the bottom line, public and private, honest and trustworthy and always maintain good professional conduct and personal conduct. 

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