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Chinese Metal Packaging Industry and Its Market Prospects

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Metal packaging containers refer to thin-walled packaging containers made of sheet metal, which are widely used in food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, daily necessities packaging, instrumentation packaging, industrial packaging, and military packaging.

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As an important part of the Chinese packaging industry,metal packages account for about 10% of the total output value. At present,the wide and great demands in the Chinese market require more and better metal packages. 

1.  The classification and performance advantages of metal packages

Metal packaging materials are mainly classified as steel and aluminum. Each category contains several varieties and they all have their own scope of application.


(1)   Steel

Compared with other metal packaging materials, steel sources are abundant, energy consumption and cost are low. It still accounts for the first place in metal packaging materials till now.

(2)  Aluminum

The main features of aluminum are light weight, non-toxic and tasteless, good plasticity, ductility, excellent punching performance. It can keep stable chemical properties in the atmosphere and water vapor. No rust, clean and shiny surface are its excellent features as well.

As one of the four main packaging materials, metal packaging materials play an important role in modern packaging materials. At present, China has a large demand for metal packaging containers, which has great development prospects. So, what are the advantages of metal packaging containers? What makes it widely used?

In general, metal packaging materials have the following advantages. 

(1) Excellent barrier properties and excellent overall protection

It has good aroma retention and is completely opaque, and can effectively avoid the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays. 

(2) Excellent mechanical properties, processability and high strength

Due to the good ductility of the metal, high-precision, high-speed production can be achieved for complex molding processes.

(3) Special metallic luster and great surface decoration function

Special metal luster and exquisite decoration printing can make the appearance of the goods look gorgeous, beautiful and marketable. Because of this, when people give gifts, they tend to prefer products packed in metal containers.

(4) Convenient, hygienic

Metal packaging containers and internal coatings generally meet the requirements of hygiene and safety. The products packaged with them are easy to carry and use.

(5) recyclable

Metal containers are generally recyclable and recycled after use. It not only recycles resources, saves energy, but also eliminates environmental pollution. Even if the metal is rusted and scattered in the soil, it will not adversely affect the environment.

2. Metal packaging market development opportunities and prospects

After more than 30 years of reform and development, Chinese economic and consumption growth has driven the growth of the packaging industry and the quality of packaging products., With its unique material properties, metal packaging is recognized worldwide as a 100% reusable and recyclable package that is completely degradable and truly sustainable.

At present, Chinese metal packaging industry has entered a period of rapid development. The rapid growth of food goods is the first traction of this industry's rapid development and the upgrading trend of packaging products directly increases the share of metal packaging products in various categories of packaging products. Experts predict that the industry will have huge development space in the next 3 to 5 years. In the future, metal packaging will pay more attention to food safety, pay more attention to recycling.

China has a huge consumer group of people and has abundant industrial products, agricultural products and export commodity resources. In addition to the rapidly developing beverage industry, the development of chemical, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries has also provided huge room for growth in metal packaging. The market environment is getting better and there is huge potential and room for growth.

We are full of confidence in the future of the metal packaging industry. At present, Chinese economic development is very good and it has also brought metal packaging into a new period of growth opportunities. From the analysis of the consumption of metal packaging materials, the proportion of metal packaging products, food and beverages has accounted for 44%. At present, Chinese demand for metal packaging is very promising and the demand is large.

The food and beverage industry have become the largest market for metal packaging and the chemical, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries are important markets for metal packaging. From the perspective of comprehensive development and performance of the industry, Chinese metal packaging industry has entered a stable and sustainable development period.  

3. Development Ideas of Chinese Metal Packaging Industry

Chinese metal packaging industry has now formed a complete metal packaging industry system including printing and coating iron, cans, caps, barrels and other products. Metal packaging containers are widely used because of their many unique advantages. Metal packaging is an irreplaceable, traditional packaging method with its unique reinforcement, seal preservation and metal decoration charm. It mainly provides supporting services for food, canned food, beverage, oil, chemical, daily chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic and export gift packaging industries. However, compared with developed countries such as the United States and Japan, the Chinese metal packaging industry still has a broad space for development.

The problems exist in Chinese metal packaging industry

(1)   Metal packaging enterprises are mainly small and medium-sized, and industrial concentration is not high. A world-class metal packaging enterprise group with outstanding main business, independent intellectual property rights and core competitiveness has not formed yet.

(2)  Heterogeneous competition and lack of innovation ability: In the field of metal packaging, we are accustomed to the importance of packaging manufacturing and investment but the input and service of independent intellectual property rights for process, technology, management and packaging design are insufficient.

(3)  The degree of enterprise information is low. Metal packaging management and technical talents are seriously lacking.

(4) There are not enough varieties of metal packaging. The general situation is that the production capacity of general products is seriously over-supplied but the production capacity of high-quality high-grade products is obviously insufficient.

In the complicated economic environment, how should Chinese metal packaging industry seek opportunities for survival and development in the fierce market competition? How to integrate more actively and occupy a place in the process of world economic integration?

Development ideas of Chinese metal packaging industry 

(1)  Increasing industrial concentration is an inevitable trend in the development of the industry. The metal packaging industry should seize the opportunity of market development, increase investment in equipment, technology, management and talents, narrow the gap with foreign similar enterprises, and expand the scale.

(2)  Drawing on the experience and practices of international metal packaging, combined with China's reality, we need to carry out the coordination of the industrial chain and enhance the ability to cope with challenges and risks actively. We must promote the gradual integration of Chinese metal packaging industry with the international market and promote the development of scientific research, manufacturing and international trade of metal packaging in China.

(3)  Scale and specialization are the development direction of modern metal packaging: in the future development, metal packaging will give full play to its advantages in environmental protection, humanization, health and safety, and open a broader sky in the food packaging industry.

(4) Energy saving and consumption reduction of mental packaging are important. The promotion of metal packaging industry is paid attention to. We should also upgrade metal packaging industry around the development of circular economy.

(5) Improving the technological innovation capabilities of the entire industry is necessary. The metal packaging industry should improve its self-scientific and technological innovation capabilities, improve product research and development capabilities and improve the digestion and absorption capabilities of high-technology.

(6)  We must improve the overall level of the metal packaging talent team. Only by high-quality talents can we continuously promote the progress of enterprises and the progress of the whole industry and we can continue to narrow the gap between China and developed countries and lay a solid foundation for the world's packaging power.




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