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BPA-free, high safety and high performance! Eastman Tetrashield™ Protective Resin Receives Administrative License for Metal Packaging Applications

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The joy of summer is the cool touch of ice cola, from the palm to the whole body. The joy of food is the rich aroma of luncheon meat, and the delicacy from the tip of the nose to the taste buds. The joy of the festival is the exquisite pastry displayed in a large gift box, from visual to high-end quality...   Cool, delicious, high-end, these happiness are endowed by the metal packaging with the reputation of "fairy-level food packaging". In the final analysis, it is based on its good protection of the quality and flavor of the contents and the high shelf display effect. superior.

Traditional food and beverage cans are usually lined with epoxy resin coating systems. Because epoxy resin inevitably needs to use bisphenol A (BPA) as a synthetic monomer, and the latter has caused controversy in the industry since the 1990s because of its possible impact on human health. The market, especially the United States, the European Union, Japan and other countries and regions, is subject to increasingly strict regulations.

Attributable to factors such as relevant domestic regulations and policies, lack of impetus from brands and consumers, and some shortcomings in performance and cost of BPA-Ni (non-intentionally added bisphenol A) inner coatings, the current BPA-Ni content of food packaging in China is The conversion rate of Ni is at a low level, and its main driving force comes from the export of canned food and empty cans. According to industry estimates, in the next few years, with the substantial increase in the export volume of China's canned food, the demonstration of leading domestic brands, and the reduction of BPA-Ni's shortcomings in performance and cost, the BPA-Ni of food cans in the domestic market will Conversion rates are expected to grow significantly.

Eastman Tetrashield™ protective resin: BPA-Ni resin with high safety and high performance

Recently, Tetrashield MP2100 and Tetrashield MP2101 resins developed by Eastman for food contact can coating applications have obtained the administrative license issued by China's National Health and Health Commission (NHC) for metal packaging applications, which can help formulators without compromising performance To meet the new market demand under the circumstances, and to win the favor of the global packaging market by creating BPA-Ni can coating.


Eastman's can coating business has spread all over the world, and will continue to launch more product series in the future, committed to promoting the development of China's local can coating industry.


Benefits for formulators

First, new regulatory requirements can be met without compromising performance and durability.

Second, the flexibility of formula design can be improved, and customized solutions can be efficiently created to meet higher performance requirements.

Third, good technical support and initial formula can be provided.

Fourth, it is convenient to develop high-solid formulations and reduce environmental impact.

Benefits for canmakers

First, it can meet the requirements of high-standard manufacturing processes.

Second, superior application indicators, compatible with existing production methods.

Third, improve the film formation and coating drying effect to help improve process efficiency.


Benefits for Brand Owners

First, it does not contain BPA, does not contain styrene, and is completely safe.

Second, taking into account safety and durability, it can extend the shelf life of products.

Third, it helps brands gain consumer trust and strengthens brand protection.


Mr. Zhang Fan, Eastman Packaging Market Development Manager, pointed out: "Government agencies and major brand owners around the world are looking forward to switching to BPA-Ni can coatings without affecting food safety and packaging performance. In recent years, Yi Shiman has launched a series of Tetrashield resins for food contact grade can coatings. Chinese brand owners are increasingly pursuing more technologically advanced coatings and looking forward to opening up the global market. In order to respond to the above-mentioned needs of brand users, we are actively promoting these products in China."

Mr. Ao Feilong, deputy technical director of Eastman Asia Pacific, said that first-class can factories need BPA-Ni solutions that can meet a variety of metal packaging needs, and Tetrashield resin has excellent chemical resistance, flexibility and formulation compatibility. The overall performance is outstanding, so it is very popular. "In addition, customers value our strong technical support capabilities, formulation expertise and localization capabilities, which are mainly derived from our decades of experience in the global coatings industry."

As mentioned earlier, in order to ensure that formulators take full advantage of the performance advantages of Tetrashield resin, Eastman will provide industry-leading technical services and initial formulations. And high-quality packaging cans can not only preserve food, but also maintain consumers' trust in brands-specifically, Tetrashield can provide protection for canned food and beverages that consumers often eat, while helping brands create high-quality products that they can be proud of. Products, which help the brand gain the trust of consumers.

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