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Advantages and applications of Tinplate easy open ends

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EOE (also be called as Easy Open End), is the main accessory for the metal canning package, mainly used for PET Can, tinplate can, metal can, paper can, composite can, food can, plastic can, etc.

Easy-open-end tins can be closed so that they are airtight and can fulfil the most challenging requirements with regard to light and aroma protection and safety. Liquid hazardous goods are just as safe in these tins as dry food.

Easy-open-end tins from tinplate, foil or steel easy-open ends. All the tins can be vacuumed and gassed and supplied with a plastic lid for reclosure. The body is welded. Make use of the safe rim system for your tinplate easy-open ends.


Application of Easy Open Ends

Easy open end was widely used for different food since now, including fish can, tomato can, fruit can, vegetable can, tuna can, lunch meat can, milk products can and other dry food can.

  • Dry food (powdered food): nuts, dried fruit, flavoring, dried vegetables,miscellaneous grain, etc.

  • Processed food (retortable): tomato paste, fish, meat, luncheon meat, fruits, vegetables, soups, stews, rice, wet pet foods, canned milk, cream, etc.

73 mm55 - 265 mmtinplate215 - 1100 ml
84 mm60 - 265 mmtinplate310 - 1450 ml
99 mm61 - 340 mmtinplate440 - 2500 ml
127 mm110 - 325 mmtinplate1375 - 4000 ml
105 mm64 - 262 mmtinplate465 - 2000 ml
140 mm110 - 325 mmtinplate1375 - 4000 ml

Advantages of Easy Open Ends 

Feature 1: Corrosion resistance. Because the tinplate bottle cap is coated with tin on the surface, which can play a good role in placing corrosion and rust effects, the bottle cap has a very good corrosion resistance, and it is not easy to rust in use.

Feature 2: Non-toxic. From the detailed material and material cost point of view, the tinplate bottle cap will not contain any substances harmful to human health, so it has non-toxic characteristics and can be used in food packaging.

Feature 3: Good ductility. Tinplate is a very good ductility material, so it can be relatively easy to be made into a relatively thin bottle cap with a large plane area.

Feature 4: High strength. The tinplate cap has a high strength and is not prone to structural deformation, so it can maintain a stable sealed packaging in use.

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