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A new direction for the bucket making factory - film-laminated buckets

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With the improvement and maturity of the laminated steel plate production line and production process, the colored laminated steel plate has also entered the bucket industry. The laminated plate used in the steel bucket industry, commonly known as laminated iron, is made of PP film and tinplate buckets. Many of the inner walls of traditional inner-coated steel buckets have to be painted, and the substances contained in the coating method will have harmful effects on the human body and the environment, especially inner-laminated buckets. The current treatment method is to use resin to coat the inner wall of the bucket. However, because the paint used in this coating process contains harmful substances of environmental hormones-bisphenol A substances, which are internationally recognized environmental hormones, and there may be a problem of dissolution. Once the dissolution exceeds the standard, it will be harmful to the human body. produce adverse effects. And the serious consequences caused by this problem have attracted attention both at home and abroad. The birth of steel plate coating technology is a revolutionary progress in the production of steel buckets. With its wide application, the traditional steel bucket production process and technology will be subverted, and it will also take a big step forward in various aspects such as simplification of equipment, improvement of productivity, reduction of production cost, and environmental protection.


Application of laminated board

At present, film-laminated panels have been widely used in various industries, especially in Japan and Europe.

1. Food container

The main applications in food containers are: food buckets, beverage cans, four-screw lids, candy tins, tea tins, easy-open lids, etc.

2. Chemical container

The main applications in chemical containers are: chemical buckets, paint buckets, paint buckets, two-piece aerosol cans, and various top and bottom covers. In particular, the blank coating processing technology can be applied to various manufacturing buckets and cans.


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